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Fringe S02E03 HDTV XviD-XII [eztv]
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2009-10-02 04:40:47 GMT
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Whoa! First, really?

Anyhow, I just wanted to thank mom...and god...and the MPAA and MediaSentry and Ambassador Kwan!
Always good stuff! Thx.
Animus_Anima, what do u mean with first? Are u part of eztv? eztv is the sh*t, eztv rules, eztv is without a doubt the ruler of tv-shows. The best there is!
Thanks :)
For some reason this doesn't include the new and current tracker that TPB uses...

Add this tracker:

I was under the impression that TPB automatically added this tracker to newly uploaded torrents, even if the uploader doesn't include it.....

You could probally get rid of any trackers that end with *, but it doesn't necessarily hurt to keep em in there. Who knows, maybe those will be used again someday...
BTW, in case you're wondering...

The reason they switched what tracker they're using is so that torrents are using a tracker that is not dependant on TPB. This way torrents can stay active no matter what happens specifically to TPB - such as change of ownership. (I got this from the forums.) A pretty good progressive idea IMO...

Sorry for the double posts, I am leaving now ;)
hey guys do you have sound? help
Another eztv botch job. On Xbox 360, it shows as being 1 minute long and plays back at super speed. The fact they had to PROPER it proves that they're effing up their releases. First Dollhouse, now this; eztv is only great at wasting bandwidth. Too bad for all of us cuz they're too sloppy to care what they put out.