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Abraham-Hicks 2020-12-27 Del Mar CA - Videos and CDs
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A-H Del Mar, CA - December 27, 2020 Track Titles.txt

01 - Esther opens the broadcast (0.32).mp3
02 - Abraham speaks about the balance between asking and receiving (3.43).mp3
03 - Why do I feel like I am always giving, love, time, money, but never receiving (11.43).mp3
04 - What if we can't get in alignment (7.12).mp3
05 - Is there any way to know what the ignored resistance is about (1.50).mp3
06 - Is there a way to release a habitual pattern of thought that is not serving me (1.57).mp3
07 - How can I add more joy and fun into my life during this lockdown (7.43).mp3
08 - Avoiding paying taxes versus focusing on income (4.24).mp3
09 - How to speed up vibration within in order to be externalized (5.41).mp3
10 - How can I stay strong when I feel so lonely and discouraged (7.00).mp3

11 - Does every action have an equal and opposite reaction (3.16).mp3
12 - I am so sensitive and intolerant now to negative energy and emotions (6.16).mp3
13 - Explain how Law of Attraction works in an apartment complex, should I move on (4.56).mp3
14 - I want to experience the fruits of connection but I am trying too hard (8.24).mp3
15 - My ex-husband isn't doing his duties and I am tired, why is this happening to me (6.45).mp3
16 - I was triggered negatively by my husband's actions (6.18).mp3
17 - My son has ADHD , how can I maintain my happiness in his violent presence (2.06).mp3
18 - I am waiting for my face to heal from the plastic surgeon's mistake (2.22).mp3
19 - How do I keep my light when others are dragging me down with their negativity (7.51).mp3
20 - Radiating abundance for $10 vs $10 million dollars (5.45).mp3

21 - How do I share these teachings through a more academic lens (1.17).mp3
22 - What do you mean that we put stuff in our vortex from previous lifetimes (1.53).mp3
23 - I am interested in the Twin Flame perspectives and all flames (2.07).mp3
24 - Explain what pain is (3.04).mp3
25 - Explain why you took a side on the CoVid vaccine (9.21).mp3
26 - Abraham closes the broadcast (0.19).mp3